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The Hackett Community


You've come to the first LJ community dedicated to Australian swimmer Grant Hackett! Hello, I'm Bikuki (LJ username: halffling) and upon seeing the serious lackage of Hackett love around LiveJournal, I decided to start this community. Here, fellow fans offer pictures, icons, graphics, information - anything about this amazingly talented athlete. Membership is open to all, so do join if you want to jump in on the fun!


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swimmer stats

Name: Grant Hackett
Age: 24
Country: AUS
State: QLD
Club: Miami SC Inc.
Born: 9 May 1980
Height: 198 cm (6'6")
Weight: 89.9 kgs (198 lbs)
Place of birth: Southport, Australia
Resides: Gold Coast, Australia
Occupation: Student
Coach: Denis Cotterell
Family: Nev (father), Margaret (mum), Craig (brother)
Interests: Surfing, fast cars, playing the drums, playing the guitar, listening to music, going to the movies

Nicknamed "The Machine," Grant Hackett is the defending Olympic gold medalist in the 1500m freestyle and holds the world record in the event (14:34.56). He has dominated the 1500m free at every major world competition since 1999, including the Sydney Games, World Championships, Commonwealth Games and Pan Pacific Championships. Within that time, only countryman Kieran Perkins (5.26 seconds behind in Sydney) has come within 10 seconds of Hackett, who last lost a 1500m free race at the 1996 Australian Olympic Trials when he was 15. In Athens, he became the third swimmer to win consecutive 1500m free golds; American Mike Burton did it in 1968-72 and Perkins matched him in 1992-96.         (From NBCOlympics.com)


Previous Olympics 2000: 1st, 1,500 freestyle, 7th, 400 freestyle, 8th, 200 freestyle.
World Championships 2003: 1st, 800 freestyle, 1st, 1,500 freestyle, 2nd, 400 freestyle, 3rd, 200 freestyle, 1st, 800 freestyle relay; 2001 - 1st, 1,500 freestyle, 2nd, 400 freestyle, 2nd, 800 freestyle, 1st, 800 freestyle relay.
Other career highlights: World record holder in 1,500 freestyle (14:34.56); dominated that race at every major world competition since 1999.


1500m Freestyle Final: 14:43.40 (1st)
1500m Freestyle - Heat 5: 15:01.89 (2nd)
4 x 200m Freestyle Relay Final: 7:07.46 (2nd)
200m Freestyle Final: 1:46.56 (5th)
200m Freestyle Semifinal: 2 1:47.61 (3rd)
200m Freestyle - Heat 7: 1:48.90 (2nd)
400m Freestyle Final: 3:43.36 (2nd)
400m Freestyle - Heat 5: 3:46.36 (1st)


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Images: Swimming.org.au
Statistics: Yahoo! Sports
Brushes: AnnikaVonHoldt.com, Miss M & Truly-Sarah
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GHOnline news + other news [ 03 Jan 08 at 9:29am ]

Hello everyone! I hope it's not as dead as it looks here!

After some trouble with the server (a whole MySQL table thing just disappeared...), Grant Hackett Online is back! The gallery is still as it used to be, and that seems to be the most popular part of the site, so it's ok.

In other news, Grant is training for the 10km for the Olympics and he is also aiming for the usual 1500m, 800m and 400m.

And happy 2008!
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and we actually have news! :O [ 04 Nov 06 at 10:26pm ]

[ mood | cold ]

..plus a few photos.

Grant's Engaging Olympic Program for Beijing...Collapse )

Grant is also featured as one of the Gods of Water...Collapse )

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[ 17 Jul 06 at 5:20pm ]

here's a link to one of grants commercials..

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[ 11 Jul 06 at 11:03am ]

hello, im not really new to this comm because i use to be mjlcherry_gi

anyways, i have pix of michael klim's wedding from the New Idea... and Grant Hackett is in it.. so

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[ 20 May 06 at 5:11pm ]



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[ 22 Nov 05 at 5:06pm ]


i have a bunch of icons that i made of grant and girfriend candice.. so im just gonna post them up



the rest hereCollapse )

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[ 21 Nov 05 at 5:15pm ]


got a few pix from gettyimages.com

grant hackett at telstra swimmer of the year awardsCollapse )

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4 nominations! [ 11 Nov 05 at 9:53am ]

[ mood | good ]

Grant has been nominated for the swimmer of the year as well as male middle distance, distance and the short course gongs.

Some new articles:

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[ 08 Oct 05 at 3:49pm ]

[ mood | hyper ]

i was looking at this link and found lots and lots of cool pix, i already uploaded them onto granthackettonline.com's gallery.. http://www.iqsport.com.au/default.aspx?s=clientprofile&cid=10


here they are, well some of the pix.Collapse )

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Hi I hope this works [ 23 Sep 05 at 12:35am ]
[ mood | don't really know what 2do ]


I think I'm posting on here I'm not really sure .
Anyways if in fact this did work cool. This looks like a cool place and I thought I would join . I don't really have any fun news on Grant Hackett or anything but I do like him and if I get some I will let you know ( the people who use this ) .

I have looked at this LJ site before and its looks cool not that many people post on it anymore . I must admit I feel kind of silly posting on it cuz its a message bored all about one man who is a really super Awesome man. but is still just a person ? Anyone else feel like that a bit ( please don't hate me I'm just saying and I mean I wouldn't of joined if I thought it was that nuts ) Oh and just a question can you change your user name if so how . I have only had mine for like 10min and already I'm bored with it . Oh and if anyone wants to explain to me who sees your LJ like outside this site cuz I have like my own thing witch I don't understand .

K Bye

PS can someone let me know if this worked
P.P.S Don't make fun of me sorry if I upset anyone you can all throw things at me if you want .

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[ 21 Sep 05 at 5:18pm ]


here is a article about grant, seven news and the marriage rumors.. it turns out the rumor was false.. i got this from http://www.swimnews.com/News/displayStory.jhtml?id=3783


article under the cutCollapse )

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newspaper articles may not be true all the time [ 20 Sep 05 at 4:38pm ]


ok, i decided to post this up.. so i was searching through candice alley forum and found this...(but it could be not true u know, rumors, pix and article inside lj cut)


crossposted to athens_daily

candice and grant are engagedCollapse )

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Icons... [ 17 Sep 05 at 10:10pm ]

11 Grant Hackett icons.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Click Here.
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[ 26 Aug 05 at 12:52pm ]


i was looking through some of the grant hackett yahoo groups photos and came across this pic

i uploaded more here http://granthackettonline.com/

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[ 25 Aug 05 at 12:26pm ]


hey guys... theres not much on grant news... but i just wanted to post a pic that i found funny..well here it is..

and i also found a site http://www.geocities.com/whackeyhackey/ im not sure if all the things said in there are true. the pic reminds me of herbal essences.. he should really model for that and be in a commercial
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old pics [ 19 Aug 05 at 3:19am ]
hi! i'm new here! ignore the name cuz i root more for grant than ian now but i'm too lazy to change my name. anyway, i was wondering if the poeple with photobucket accounts could re-post the pics that they posted late last year, like noveember and december and even into january cuz they don't show up now. cuz i was wondering about the pic of ian and grant and something about purple and dyed hair...? anyway if you would be so kind to re-post or just send them to me myself (cat_m_parker@yahoo.com or ian_thorpe_luvr@yahoo.com) i would greatly appreciate it and would bear you my first born even if it was physically impossible!


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[ 18 Aug 05 at 12:49pm ]


i was looking through some grant sites and found this.. i had no idea that grant had sinusitis.. heres the link..


oh.. theres also pix on the sites but i think you guys already looked at them... they are the old ones from 2002 and before that.

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Grant Hackett Encounter [ 11 Aug 05 at 2:43pm ]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi, I am new to the community... but I just wanted to post it because it was cool.

I met Grant Hackett last week at the Duel in the Pool swim competition. I suppose this is a useless post but if it helps, he's a very nice person. Courteous... polite...

Even though I totally spazzed upon meeting him he was awfully kind. So yeah...

pic of me and grantCollapse )

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copied straight from the latest GHO.com update... [ 10 Aug 05 at 2:24pm ]

[ mood | crazy ]

Videos from Duel of the Pool (once again thanks to the wonderful onecoldcanadian):

Revue de presse:

To sum up what happened, Grant and five other 400m swimmers showed up "late" for the event by the FINA rules which say that competitors have to arrive at the pre-race room two events before the first heat of their swim. Head referee Lawrie Cox allowed those swimmers to have a seperate heat because she chose to give them the benifit of the doubt.

In other news, in the editorial "How the Government is failing our children", it says that Grant would get an A+, in what subject, I don't know... probably in life in general.

Another thing, if anyone has any icons/banner/other stuff to contribute to the site, please do so... the "art" section has very little content for the moment.
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[ 09 Aug 05 at 8:23pm ]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Australian Short Course Championships"
Grant won the 200m freestyle in 1:42.81 and the 400m freestyle in 3:36.73.

I've uploaded lots more videos (all made by onecoldcanadian):

PicturesCollapse )
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