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granthackett's Journal

The Hackett Community
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Hello and welcome to GRANTHACKETT, the first LJ community dedicated to Australian swimmer Grant Hackett! *bows* I'm Bikuki (LJ username: halffling) creator and moderator of this community. Thank you very much for stopping by. Do take a look around, membership is open to everyone and anyone.
W H A T   W E   D O
Anyone notice that there just hasn't been enough Hackett love lately? Well, that's exactly what I thought - so I whipped up this community! Any member is free to post pictures, information, icons, fanfics - basically anything that deals with the amazing Grant. All I ask is that you follow some basic rules to avoid getting in trouble =D *points below*
T H E   R U L E S
This seems a bit lengthy, but is generally easy to follow. Please read through them before joining and before posting, thank you!

BE RESPECTFUL Do not bash Grant, other athletes, or other members. Along the same lines, DON'T post silly "OMG HACKEETTT IS SOooOoO HOoTT!!!1!1!" I will come after you with a stick, and then delete your post.

DON'T STEAL Save ALL images to your own server (like photobucket.com) - there is to be NO DIRECT LINKING of any sort. You may not post something that is not yours and then claim that it is (like icons, fanart, fanfiction, etc.) Again, do this and I will delete your post. Give credit where credit is due.

LJ-CUTS are REQUIRED for images that are larger than 300 x 300 pixels (so we don't mess up anyone's flist), multiple pictures (a.k.a. PICSPAMS! *yay!*), icon posts, colorbars, graphics (banners, etc), fanfictions, and articles. Basically, if it's lengthy, put it behind a cut. Not sure how to do one? Read here.

DISCLAIMERS are REQUIRED for fanfictions (at least the rating) and ... not-very-clothed images ;D We don't want the youngsters getting in trouble with parents, or people at work being caught off guard by their boss.
T H E   G O O D
Things you CAN post:

Graphics (banners, layouts, colorbars etc.)
Articles (WITH credit/source)
Video/Audio files (WITH credit/source)
Stories (i.e. "I met Hackett when..." - it MUST pertain to Grant in some fashion)

It is HIGHLY recommended that you at least post one picture with your post, but I won't bite your head off if you don't (as long as you abide by the rules).
T H E   B A D
Things you CANNOT post:

Anything that doesn't deal with Grant
Any direct linked image
One sentence entries (post meaningful ones, please)
Stuff in StIcKy CaPs. Proper grammar and spelling is a must - to a degree, because yes, I know we aren't all perfect. I'm a prime example of that.
SPAM the board with posts
T H E   U G L Y
*giggles* I just had to do that. Here lies stuff that are iffy, but I thought to mention it here anyway.

Be weary when posting gossip and/or rumors. Personally, I'm not a big fan, so I refrain from doing so. I would like to encourage all members to avoid discussing Grant's personal life because it's just that - personal. At least, out of respect. Anyway, just be careful when posting things you aren't sure of, since we don't want to fingers pointed here ;D

Feel free to advertise other communities, but please only those that are Hackett or Olympics-related, thank you! Oh, and try to include a Hackett picture along with it *grins*
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